Pivot Table tutorial

Pivot Table tutorial for MS Excel 2007 and Excel 2010

Know What Is A Pivot Table?

The Pivot tables are used to summarize, analyze, explore and present your data. A Pivot table is a way to extract data from a long list of information and present it in a more meaningful and user friendly understandable format. For example, lets say that we have the data of student scores in a spreadsheet, you could turn this into a pivot table, and then view only the Math scores for each pupil.

Learn How To Create A Pivot Table In Excel 2010

Here are the steps to create a Pivot table in Excel 2010.
Step 1: First of all, please make sure to select the data range for which you want to make the pivot table.

Pivot Table 1

Step 2: Insert the Pivot Table by going to the Insert tab and then clicking the Pivot Table icon.

Pivot Table 2

Step 3: Select the target cells where you want to place the pivot table. For starters, select the New Worksheet option.

Pivot table connection

Step 4:  The new worksheet will open and you will be able to see the pivot table that you just created, you can now generate the report from this table and can perform various operations on this table for better visualization and presentation of data. Just for example I calculated the sum of all of the selected cells.

Pivot Table Insert

In the right side, you will see the Pivot Table Panel which contains many useful options to work with the Pivot table.

Pivot table Panel

What is New In The Excel 2010 Pivot Table

By way for discussed in the introductory paragraph, Pivot Tables were also present in Microsoft Excel 2007, lets see what new enhancements have been made to the Excel 2010 Pivot tables.
1. It includes a new feature called ShowValues As, right click the Pivot table and choose Show Values As, you will see many new options here. It helps you in trying out several different calculations until you get exactly what you were looking for.

Pivot Show As

2. It offers many new calculations, almost six new calculations have been added to it.
3. It includes some great visual totals. Visual Totals refer to what totals should be shown when one or more members are filtered. You can turn this feature ON of OFF, simply right click the Pivot Table and choose the Pivot Table Options option here.

Pivot table Options

We know In the PivotTable Options window, go to the Tools & Filter tab and check/uncheck the Include filtered items in set totals option to enable/disable it.

PivotTable Visual Style

Here the enhanced pivot table feature of Excel 2010 add feathers to this great product by Microsoft.
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